I've been to the south of China, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, living in the east, Suzhou, been to the west, Deqing in Yunnan, and the furthest north I've been was Beijing. Of course I've been to numerous other places, but these count as the furthest points in direction. 
For my first assignment in TAOP, I've booked and planned a trip to Harbin (Ha'erbin) in Heilongjiang province, for a few days, with my mind set on doing the images on a set theme.
At the moment, there is an Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, and I hope to include some night images, but more importantly, the architecture (online research, and The Lonely Planet) is to some extent Russian and Soviet flavoured. And THIS is what I want to capture.

If all goes well, I will depart Suzhou on Monday, 18th Jan 2010, to Shanghai, then to Ha'erbin, returning to Suzhou on Friday 22nd.
The priority on my return is sadly not AOP, but finalizing my images and logbook for DPP, which needs to be at OCA HQ by Feb 15th, so I will need to hurry.

I'm a touch nervous, as I'm not sure I have the right clothes for the trip, since my clothes I brought with me from living in Czech has not survived three years in China. The festival also has hotels booked fully, and if any problems occur, I may find myself without a booked room (even though I've booked and confirmed).
I'm also sure that crime may be higher, because of all the tourists, so I'll just need to keep my eyes open.
Everything ready to be packed after last class tomorrow evening, and having

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