Yesterday and today were the first real time I got to spend actually shooting for TAOP. Feeling very frustrated with myself for not really beginning yet, last night, I decided to set out, with the camera set on ISO 800, quality as jpg only, and do the horizontal vs vertical exercise towards As. 1. 
I know it's totally out of the order of the course, but I felt like doing it... and if you can't do what you want, what is the point, hey?

Last week I, on New Years day, I walked down MoYe Road, and did some late afternoon shots of the ceramics open air market that was set up in the vacant lot near the bridge, where the blue tiled building used to be. I was wondering how it would photograph late evening, when the sellers use lights hanging from wires. 
It turned out to be pointless in the evening, as the lights are a mix of energy saving and normal, it throws off the White Balance, and because I couldn't use a smaller aperture, the images were just not nice. But....

I did have a nice walk up and down the stretch from the crossing with ShiQuan street and FengHuang road, both sides of the road, and managed to get a few H vs V images that made me smile. A few shots looked good on the camera, but not good when I got home....

I was set to go and do a shoot today, so this morning I read up all the exercises, summarized them, and set off to JinJi Lake, where I knew I would have the place to myself, there would be strong lines / curves and the grey-blue sky should allow me to capture outdoor images, hopefully not too boring with the greyness, but a least with some nice contrast in direct sunlight.

It was a nice shoot, and I got all the images for the exercises I set out to do. Quite a few of the exercises I ended up re-shooting anyway, as better and better opportunities came along. That is fine with me, as I was just happy to feel like I made a start on the course. I'm looking forward to the As. 1 desperately.

Tomorrow is the start of my work week, so I will not get to the course material again until next week.
At least I managed to shed that heavy feeling of not made a start... it feels quite good!

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