Last week was an easy week at work, and this week also, because of the Chinese New Year.
The past two weeks I've been preparing for As. 1, even though I have not finished my exercises write-up for all the material up to As. 1. I really need to finish this soon.

I really enjoyed doing the more creative images for As. 1, as I felt that the exercises towards it were way too technical, athough I could probably have tried to make it a touch mroe creative, and get something more out of it.

I do tend to go for architecture, as I recently feel less enhuiasitic about doing 'macro' kind stuff at home, it feels like I want to keep myself from staying at home, or just ending up taking photos of stuff at home, and want to challenge myself a bit outside.

The SIP (Suzhou Indusrial Park) area where I live, is rather new, and modern, and I tend to find abstract lines and material for photos there... I am looking forward to spring and summer, where the gardens will be much nicer to go to, and public spaces will be much more pleasant. I know it's not an excuse to not go out, but at the moment it is a little not so nice.

Anyway.. the next few days I really have to finish the write-ups for Ex.s not done, as well as the As. 1, which I have set a deadline for before the end of Feb.

At the moment I'm quite happy with the images I have processed for the As, although I tend to change my mind 

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